Dylan began writing at the tender age of nineteen when he purchased his first guitar on New Years Eve of 2000. His motivation was to be original and creative by crafting his own signature style of music. Dylan wanted to express his raw emotion and feelings through his music and lyrics.

Since then, he has done just that, while having a multitude of accomplishments.

Beginning in 2009, Dylan began working with Diamond Certified, Multi-Platinum, Grammy nominated record producer Ronnie King on the record, “High Tide” and the EP titled “It’s All Good,”.

He also has had in studio jam sessions with the Grammy nominated Steel Pulse’s lead Guitarist, David Elecciri Jr.

A true artist, Dylan was also invited to collaborate on the all star project called, “Mantra for Good People,” produced by 5x Grammy winning record producer Kenny O’Brien.

The caliber of talent that Dylan has worked with definitely shows in his new single “It’s a Beautiful Day” which drops May 22nd. This record shows the true ingenuity of style and laid back flow, speaking on the gratefulness and blessings of everyday life.​

On May 29th, his long awaited album, “Devil’s Playground” (2009-2019) finally breathes life to the time capsule Dylan has kept unpublished for 10 years. It shows his musical genius and influences of reggae, R&B, hiphop and a just a hint of folk music.

While giving a positive voice to mental health awareness, Dylan strives to live with purpose daily. He is an incredible man with a courageous story overcoming the stigma of bi-polar. Past, present and future, Dylan continues to be a timeless figure in the world of music and songwriting.