Let’s get caught up to speed…

Yesterday I signed a distribution deal/contract with Freedom Over Fear Creative Group based out of NYC. I am very pleased with my decision after much thought and the assistance of my wife. We decided that working with them was best for myself and my career.

I had another offer with Red Label Records (Universal Music Group) based out of San Diego, California, but I decided to turn them down. Nothing against them, I just vibed with Freedom Over Fear better and we were on the same page with the vision of my future.

I chose to sign with an independent label because I have more leverage in my decisions and creative freedom when it comes to my art.

I am in the beginning stages of planning my first tour of Southern California to support my album. I will begin the tour in San Diego and work my way north, finishing in my hometown of Ventura. I have not yet chosen an opening act to go on the road with me. Each tour stop I will probably let the local artists open up for me.

This moment in my career has been a long time coming. All my hard work is coming into fruition and now it’s time to work even further to elevate my status as an artist.

My album “reflection of my imperfection” is a story of a man seeking redemption. It starts out with a man definitely living the good life and then success begins to get to his head. A few bad choices leads to some heavy negative karma. But this man is a fighter and survivor and is no spectator oblivious to the challenges of life. He battles back and ends up finding salvation and clarity through love and perseverance. The story ends with a man who regains his soul and has found comfort in the higher power.

Well that’s it for now…