Wow, it’s been a long time since I have written to you. My sincere apologies!

We have reached the point of our destination. My album is now complete. It has been a learning experience working on this piece of work the last year and a half. This period of my life has been just like anyone else, growth. You can hear it in my lyrics and music. My album tells a story of a man seeking redemption while understanding what it takes to hold a marriage together, being torn through good and evil in a spiritual battle. Battling demons that a man has been experiencing his entire life. Part of the album was written while I was still drinking and the other half while being sober. This album tells my story.

At this point I am in the midst of meeting with record labels and left with the big decision of who is going to release and distribute my story. I will definitely keep you informed of my experience while on this journey.

Some of you may have noticed I no longer have my personal Facebook profile. I deleted it for several personal reasons. Please let your friends know that they can follow me on my music page.

This point of my life I will call it spiritual breakthrough. My priorities have changed and my relationship with God is most important to me. I’ve realized that I cannot do it on all on my own. With God in control, my decisions are more likely to be made with clarity.

On that note, I’ll leave you with this…

Be the best human being possible. Never stop fighting. You are important!

– Dylan