Well 2018 is starting off as a learning lesson. Just like the title says, letting go. I’m doing my best to break my old habits. Habits of fear and insecurity. I’m human, of course I’m insecure like everyone else in the world. I’m also letting go of friendships and acquaintances that no longer serve me positively. I just can’t lower my standards anymore. My commitment to sobriety, I guess scares these people away. That’s completely fine with me. I am moving forward with sacrifices and decisions to suit the lifestyle I choose to live. My goals are to be a better father and husband. I want to inspire people and share my talents and loving heart to those who want to improve themselves as better human beings. 

My career is progressing rapidly and I’m joyful to know that all my hard work, commitment, sacrifice and discipline is finally paying off. My next single and music video for my record “Unpredictable” will be released on Friday, January 19th. My album is officially complete and I’m making headway with my new management team. 


Dylan Garcia