Aloha Saturday Everyone, 

I recently made the decision to terminate my contract with my Management team. No hard feelings, it just had to be done. Everything was finalized on Friday. I went out to sushi and celebrated my liberation. This opens up the doors for new opportunities that are currently being offered and chances I feel more comfortable with. Like I said, no hard feelings. 

The editing process for my new music video “If You Left It Up To Me,” are coming out really amazing. I’m blessed to have my creative designer and video director Adrian Arroyo on my team. 

As for my sobriety, I am 75 days sober today. An accomplishment I am proud of every day. 

As for my recovery from my surgery, I am healing very fast. A lot faster than I was anticipating. I had my first physical therapy appointment on Thursday. It consisted of a lot of stretching, which improved my mobility tremendously. I no longer need my crutches and I walk with a cane. LOL, I know right….

I can honestly say that life is working in my favor. It’s always refreshing to know I can lean on God for guidance and strength. I am always adjusting my decisions to walk in faith and continuously in the light. 

I hope you all are having an amazing weekend. I send strength, guidance and positive blessings to you all.

Love you,