My entire view on life has changed since I’ve been married. Not only have I made a promise to my wife, but a promise to myself as well. I want to grow and flourish daily as a better human being. My priorities are very different. I’ve been in relationships in my past and now I know why none ever worked out…

It was my destiny to marry my wife. I’ve known since 2013 that she would be the woman I’d marry. Even though our contact back then was limited, it eventually flourished throughout the years. I’m very happy it did. 

What I’ve noticed is my commitment to being a great father, partner and husband. It’s not all about me anymore, it’s about us working together as a team. 

I now know this was all meant to be. Life can change in an instant and you must adapt to your surroundings. She left everything behind to begin a life with me. To me, her decision was real and I will do everything in my power to value her, treat her with respect and love her dearly. 

I can honestly say that God placed her in my life for a reason because I changed tremendously over the past 6 months. I didn’t know where my life was heading prior. I was lost, living in a world that I felt no place in. Fast forward to present day and I now know my purpose…

Thank you!

Til next time,