Wow, here I am, finally home from the hospital. Home sweet home. Let’s get caught up to speed…

My love arrived from Argentina on Tuesday the 10th. I couldn’t wait any longer and I married her the very next day. When you know, you know. We traveled to the desert for our honeymoon which was really a trip to spend time with my son. My wife was okay with it because she has been eager to meet Santiago as well. By the grace of God her and my son’s mom hit it off, which completely blew my mind. Wow, am I blessed or what? We left the desert early Sunday morning to begin our journey to Los Angeles for my surgery on Monday. 

Fortunately, the hospital had a dormitory for people to stay who were from out of town. At some point in the evening I had another spiritual awakening. These moments have been happening a lot as of lately. I couldn’t contain myself and tears of joy came pouring out of my soul. Thank you God for your constant reminders that I am in your embrace. 

Let me be frank, my daily struggle consists of spiritual warfare non stop. A battle between good and evil. My best friend tells me I am a very special child of God and that is why I was chosen for this battle. 

I woke up Monday morning around 4:30am and waited until 5am to shower and check in for surgery. I was really happy my mother and brother showed up and all 3 waited for me until they wheeled me off for surgery. I was really tense until the anaesthesia kicked in and the last thing I remember was getting an epidural. My last words were, ” Wow this feels really weird and make sure I wake up.” And I woke up as if the time didn’t exist. My wife was a nervous wreck, I cannot imagine the emotions she experienced waiting for my procedure to be complete. 

Basically my time in the hospital was spent telling everyone that we just got married and our honeymoon was one on one time talking for 4 days. Oh and sharing my music video for “Just Another Day.” The staff and my doctors were truly amazing. 

And now I have run out of things to write, but you can fill in the rest…