Now that it’s been two full days since my surgery I am battling the pain but it is manageable. This has been a great uplifting experience with the staff. I really didn’t know what to expect, I just placed my trust in God and went in with open arms. It was very awesome to hear the staff say my positive attitude was refreshing for them. How could I be any different than my normal self? 

I am really fortunate to have my wife by my side throughout this entire process. Best yet, I am going home tomorrow. It’s definitely going to be a challenge getting back to 100% but I am motivated and determined to heal quickly. 

As for my sobriety, I am still committed to my decision. The biggest change I’ve seen in myself and my life is my friendships and the change in my priorities. I am beginning to see my “team” take shape. As in team, I mean the people I surround myself with who work with me to advance my career. The people of my past really don’t fit into the equation anymore. Reality is that I must be selfish with whom I allow into my life. If it doesn’t benefit me….what’s the point? 

Well that’s all I have for today…

Sending love and positive vibes,