Good evening everyone…

I hope you all had a great weekend and an amazing start to the week. As for me, I’m battling against unforseen things that happened with my health. I’ve done a lot of damage to my body partying so hard prior to my recent sobriety. In my 20’s I went balls out not thinking of the consequences I would deal with now. My unrelenting drinking that began in 2010 upon finding out the diagnosis of my mental illness has been the biggest problem. I’m not making excuses for my behavior and actions, I must face the challenge head on at this point. I guess the problems with my hip are a blessing in disguise to realize the results of my partying finally caught up to me. I’m only 36, so I’m sure you have a sense of the amount of bad things I did. 


I’ve had a difficult life since growing up. I’m not using it as an excuse either. We all have had a rough life so I’m not singling myself out. Life isn’t meant to be easy. Life is a fight. Sometimes I got tired of fighting and turned to my vices to numb myself from all the bullshit I’ve experienced. Now that I’m sober, I’m not numb to anything. My clarity is 20/20 and now I’m facing something I’ve neglected for far too long. It’s time to wake up and face the music. 

I have an appointment with my doctor in Los Angeles tomorrow to do a bunch of tests to make sure I’m healthy enough for surgery. My surgery is October 16th and the scope of the surgery is major. I’ll be under between 4-5 hours. I know right…  I’ll be in the hospital for 4 days recovering. What needs to be done will be done. 

I’m trying to cram everything I want to do before the 16th. Shooting my new music video on Sunday and I still have not decided on what song to pick. It was very awesome hearing my record Just Another Day on the radio all weekend. First of many radio moments to come. I plan on going to the desert as well and spend much needed time with my son. 

Remember this…

Never stop fighting for what you believe in. Follow your heart and soul. You can never love too much 

Til next time, 


Te amo