I’m beginning to realize my calling is bigger than I have ever perceived. I feel as though I am in a position to create a positive impact on society with my all my actions. Ever since I began strengthening my relationship with God, I feel as though it is my duty to spread Good News. The timing was perfect in my life for a drastic change. Being sober as well has taught me many things that I was too drunk to conceive. I don’t regret the mistakes I made because they made me realize I had to go through painful experiences to comprehend the beauty of life. 

At this point I feel complete in all aspects of my life which allows me to keep striving for the bigger picture. In other words, I understand my life is barely beginning for eternity. I accept the changes and challenges with open arms. Bring it on. 

Personally, today was epic. In October I will be travelling to the desert to work with my Record Producer Ronnie King at his ranch. I am beyond ecstatic that 5x Grammy Winning Producer Kenny O’Brien will be joining us. I can only say it will be magical with us 3 working together. An amazing dream of mine that I was able to make a reality. Wow!!!

I will wrap up my day by saying this…

Love every aspect of your life. Believe in yourself. Pay no mind to negativity, it’s not worth it. Remain humble. See the bigger picture of your existence. Always remember to be thankful and show that beautiful smile of yours that everyone loves.

Te amo,