It’s been about 5 days since my last blog, let me get you caught up. 

My sobriety is the priority of my life right now. I missed my cousin’s wedding on Saturday because I didn’t trust myself. I knew as soon as I saw my cousin Greg we would try to out drink each other. Yes, I still have a weakness. The result is that I woke up sober. My family respected my decision. Thank you for understanding. 

Today in the morning I was in L.A. for my surgery consultation that I gave the green light. Basically I need a hip replacement on my left side and my right hip will get a hole drilled through it. I have no blood circulation in both hips and the bones are dead. I place my full trust in my surgeon that I will be able to recuperate fully. 
This afternoon was very awesome hearing my record Just Another Day on the radio. Most importantly the amazing things the radio DJ Pam said about me were so humbling. I never really look back on the countless records I’ve done, the amazing opportunities I’ve been blessed with or the people I have worked with. I guess it just all seems normal to me. To hear someone else offer praise is very rewarding. I’m just a regular dude who does extraordinary things, I guess. I do my best to remain humble and grateful always giving thanks to God. 

My muse and inspiration is still in tact and it feels amazing to have such a creative outburst because of her. Gracias.

Til next time,