God works in mysterious ways. I am doing my best to trust these new situations arising in my life. These opportunities bring about brand new emotions that are foreign to me. I honestly don’t know how to feel. One side of me is proud, but the other side of me is humbled. You know you work so hard for something for so many years and BOOM success hits. I am trying to embrace it open heartedly but it’s difficult. I always believed in my abilities, but never to this extent. It was always just a dream. How do I accept it that my dreams have now become a reality? 

There is someone very special in my life that I treasure with all my heart and soul. I know that she is my muse and I need her. So much has been contributed by her love. I am more confident, creative and loving because of the beauty she has opened my eyes to see. I definitely have a different perspective about my career as an entertainer than I did back in March when I began working on my EP and shot my first music video, “Life of an Underdog.” I never knew what to expect of the results back then. I just figured I’d give it my best and see what happens. People kept telling me how great of a record it was, but to me, I was just telling the truth about my life. Little did I know that many people can relate to my experiences. Knowing that, makes me feel good. My whole purpose of creating music is to provide emotions and words that people will gravitate to. I am no different than anyone else, I am created equal, I am a human being. In her eyes I am a strong man who has overcome the most difficult obstacles life can possibly throw at you. I still don’t see myself any different. We all struggle and go through painful experiences. I am just not one to give up on myself. The saddest thing in life is wasted talent. Don’t give up on yourself, quitting is not an option. 

We all make mistakes. What I’ve learned is the greatest feeling in life is forgiveness. Forgiving yourself and those who have done you harm. Sometimes you have to just let go of the guilt and learn to not make the same mistakes twice.

I will embrace this new chapter of my life whole heartedly with open arms. I’ve earned it right??? I will remain humbled and not let success go to my brain. I have you to help keep my feet on the ground and my heart, soul and mind centered.