I swear this month has been treating me so well. I must keep this energy of positivity and manifestation going strong. My vibrations to the universe are responding with abundance of all that I need in life. I say this confidently, I am on fire. 

I have been meditating every evening before I go to sleep. Lately my meditation has been the focus of connecting with my soulmate. Yes…there’s nothing wrong with connecting with your soulmate. To be honest, it’s working quite well.  (Grin)

I feel selfish as well, but in a good way. I’m focused on myself. I made the decision to be sober for my own interests and gains. If your reading this and I haven’t reached out to you, please don’t take it personal. It’s me, not you…lol…wait maybe it is you and I realize you offer nothing positive for my life. Sorry for my honesty, you’re grown, you can handle it. 

There are so many options right now in my life, I love it. What’s a life without options…boring if you ask me. Live life own your own terms. Don’t allow anyone in your life who will try and keep you from living up to your potential. It’s not worth it my friends. DO YOU!