Well I am feeling amazed with the new chapter of my life. I am 31 days sober today and I feel great. I feel like I have regained so many aspects of my life back and have thrown away the trash of my past. There is nothing wrong with making changes that will help me grow as a better man. I’m better off saying that my choices are improving and my confidence is soaring. I’m not trying to brag or anything, It’s the truth. I’m loving the new me.

A great thing I have been able to do is get rid of those in my life who offer no positive influence in any way. I cannot stand liars. People who lie for no reason. Lying is so much easier than being honest. Even when there is no reason to lie these sick minds still lie. Pathological liars please stay away.

I spoke with the director today about my audition and I will be studying intensely for this scene that I must perform in front of strangers. No pressure right…

I will be prepared and I will nail it. 

Change is always welcomed. 

Be fearless.