If you are down, pick yourself back up. You must make a decision internally and redeem yourself. Nobody else can do it for you. Be thankful for the pain and heart ache. This pain will drive you towards redemption. Reinvent yourself. Version 2.0.

Think of all lessons you learned from failed experiences. You are not the failure. It just wasn’t the right time in your life. So what, you gave every ounce of effort and it still didn’t work out. So what! Do not feel pity for yourself. Do not lock yourself in the bedroom and feel sorrow. This is a time to grow and be stronger. 

Yes I understand people you thought you could trust turned their back on you because deep inside they are jealous of the things you can do. They are not even close to being on your level or worthy of your honest friendship. Fuck them! Let them trail behind your dust cloud blinded by denial. 

You are who you are. You are not the only one who has ever felt pain in this planet. You are not alone. Turn all that negative energy into strength, invest in yourself, take care of yourself and most of all love yourself. Only you can make that decision.