This weekend was surreal and today was the best way to end it. Today I am 26 days sober. I feel incredibly awesome and my well being is flourishing peacefully. Peace at last. I have no problem with people who do drink, it is just not good for me at all. Trust me, I know myself all to well. 

Today made me realize the hard work, sacrifice, effort and discipline that actors put into their work. Having my audition and reading for the lead role in a film next month really put things into perspective. I honestly was imagining that I will be transforming my life for this role. Devoting this period of my life to giving an incredible performance and gripping the minds of the viewers from start to finish. An opportunity for this movie to be selected for film festivals and experiencing what the actors I met today experienced. It’s a dream that is gradually coming true with each day that passes. 

As for my music career, I am in an awesome position, ready to release my album in October. I am deciding which record to shoot the next music video to. Ahhh, such tough decisions. I am grateful to have the opportunity to do what I love. I always knew I had the courage, strength and confidence in me. 

Remember this, life is nothing without love. Love God, love yourself, love your family, love what you do and love unconditionally. Love with every ounce of your soul. Live with no regrets. Live as though it’s your last day on earth. Live with intent. Don’t waste away with negativity. Life is just too short. 

Positive vibes to you all,

Dylan & Gabita