Well it looks like I’ll be attending the Burbank Film Festival on Sunday. It will be nice to socialize and network with people in the film industry. With my audition and reading for the lead role in a film set to begin filming next year, it is necessary to get accustomed to this lifestyle. In all honesty, I’m pursuing my dreams that I’ve worked for. It’s just an adjustment that needs time getting used to. 

I will be in attendance at the after party as well. From what I’ve been told there will be many well established people in the film industry there. The best part, I’ve been asked to play guitar and sing for all in attendance. Now that was not an opportunity I expected. I just continue to give thanks to God for opening these new doors of opportunity for me. I am 24 days sober today and I feel great. What a difference a little change makes. There is nothing wrong with making changes that will help me grow as a better person. Funny, I’m a little nervous, but that is completely normal. 

Every opportunity I’ve ever had in my life has contributed to the opportunities I have now. 

Remember this, I pursue this career in the entertainment business because this is what I’ve been chosen to do. It’s not about the fame, money or the parties. It’s tough work. Nothing comes easy in life for anyone. You must be willing to sacrifice, commit, work your ass off, pray and have a little luck. I always say, you got to be at the right place at the right time.