Wow, I actually got a good night’s sleep and woke up completely refreshed this morning. No crazy dreams, at least that I can remember and no unnecessary messages to read when I checked my phone. Excellent!

Last night I did write and record a new song titled “Patiently Waiting,” It’s actually pretty cool and can serve as an opening interlude to my album. The intro of the song I am speaking in Spanish. I then begin singing and rapping in English. It’s a very unique song. I have a new muse which has factored into my life and provided the inspiration behind this interlude. It’s very sexy and romantic. 

As for today, I did a whole lot of nothing. Nothing scheduled, no meetings or conference calls. It was very nice and peaceful. This week has flown by so quickly it’s already Friday tomorrow. I reached out to a fellow colleague of mine and I believe I will be in attendance of a red carpet event within the next few weeks. I am definitely looking forward to getting all dressed up, smiling for all the photographers and doing some interviews. It’s always good to get out. Also the Burbank Film Festival is this weekend as well. Time to have some fun.

What’s a life worth not living. Live as though it’s your last day, everyday. Don’t forget to be grateful for your blessings and always thank God.