Well today was all in all a success. I woke up early and cleaned my new place. Then I headed to Ventura to determine the fate of my hip. The orthopedic surgeon gave me three options:

1. Do nothing. develop arthritis and need a cane to walk.

2. Hip replacement and never be able to run or jump again.

3. Shave the ball joint of my upper femur and still be able to have full athletic abilities. 

I chose option number 3. There is no way that I could live my life without being able to be active. Plus my son is ready to get involved in baseball, basketball and soccer. I definitely need to be able to keep up with him. The surgery would take place at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. I will have to stay overnight. The only concern I have is my insurance being accepted for this procedure. Rehab time is approximately 6 weeks. I told the doctor to give it a whirl. Why not???

Other than that, my day was very peaceful. I’m beginning to feel inspired again as well. I may write new music tonight. A special someone did something special for me today and I’ve had a giant smile on my face all day. Don’t you just love it when people do sweet things and say the right words. Yes I am definitely a hopeful romantic.

All is good in the hood,