So much opportunity has flooded my life very rapidly. I’m taking it all in as best as possible. I’ll admit at times it can be overwhelming to me. What trips me out the most is that these occurrences are happening effortlessly. I guess my timing is on point at this moment in my life. It’s difficult to comprehend that I have the opportunity to fulfill my dreams. 

I am 20 days sober from alcohol today. It’s a whole new realm of experiences without a fog hovering over my eyes. It’s a high in itself. I believe this is the reason behind my transformation. I feel better physically, mentally and spiritually. The three things I need in my life. 

I’m taking this all in stride. I don’t feel the pressure of my celebrity anymore. It feels as though this is what I was made for. This is the path I have been chosen for by God. As long as I trust in God for guidance, I shall be fine. I wouldn’t be going through this transition if I wasn’t ready for it. I’m a firm believer that God puts us through situations because we are strong enough to prevail. Amen. 

As for my relationship, I leave it in God’s hands. I cannot control fate. What happens, happens. I will not stop from living my life. I guess since I’m now 36 many things just don’t bother me like they used to. Maturity is definitely welcomed in my life. Bring it. If it’s meant to be then we will be together. If not, I can walk away knowing I gave every ounce of love I had.

Manifest Destiny,