I ended up going out with one of my best friend’s last night to Copper Blues. It was nice to get out of the house. I came prepared. I always carry headphones on me when I feel like blocking everyone out. I rarely go out to bars, and when I do I usually put my headphones on, listen to music, sit at the bar and read the news. Yes, that is the truth. I had no desire to drink alcohol so I sipped on iced water. My buddy is like a politician lol, he knows everyone and I always feel safe when I go out with him. I bumped into a few people who recognized me from my latest music video, “JustAnother Day.” Of course I thanked them for their support and carried on reading the news. I had no intentions of meeting any women because a bar is the last place I would like to meet someone and I was probably the only person who was not drinking. I was mostly observing, people watching and minding my own business. I was happy to make it home safely. 

Wow today was kind of flip floppy. Some minor technical difficulties today but I managed to persevere. I’ll admit I was kind of frustrated, yes it happens to the best of us. I was on the phone a majority of the day trying to resolve an issue with my phone service and the waterpump in my washer went out. It was kind of funny because my kitchen floor was flooded with water and all my towels were soaking wet. Improvisation kicked in and I used my mop to alleviate the situation. No harm, no foul. While I was in the middle of soaking up the water with my mop, I received a call on Facebook Messenger from a film director. I get terrible service in my new place and Tuesday the Wi-Fi is getting installed. Patience. The call dropped and I called him back on his phone. We spoke for about 20 minutes. I was super pumped to receive this call because we have been going back and forth since last year on messenger about this film. Well today solidified my opportunity to read and audition for the lead role. So I guess the minor technical difficulties weren’t so bad after all. 
Food for thought…

Regardless of the type of day you are having, try to not let it ruin your entire day. Truth is, there are good and bad moments all the time. It’s justlife. You never know what is going to happen next that can easily make you forget about trivial nonsense. It’s the honest to God truth. Stay positive and optimistic. What you put out is what you shall receive. So keep the good vibes on your mind all day. It will get better, I promise.