Wow today has been amazing. Truly such an inspiring day. I was out most of the day in Ventura running errands, but I had the opportunity to speak with my psychiatrist for an hour. What’s very cool about my doctor is that he went to UC Irvine the same time I did. My first appointment with him 3 years ago, he remembered who I was from campus. I was pretty popular at my university. I did the fraternity thing for a bit. I competed in surfing, played guitar and cruised around on a skateboard all the time. Ahhh, goodtimes. 

Our conversation was very thorough about all the changes occurring in my life currently. I stopped drinking, 17 days sober today. It seemed as though as soon as I quit drinking my life has been flooded with blessings. Yes I’m speaking from a genuine aspect. I’m very proud of myself. 

The greatest blessing is strengthening my relationship with God. God comes first. I’m working on being a better father for Santiago. I’m working on being a better partner for my fiance Gabriela. It’s like as soon as I stepped out of this fog I got my life back. I feel like the genuine Abel has arose from the dead, lying dormant for so long. What a difference a little change makes. 

I love you all! Have an amazing Friday evening!