Wow, I am feeling amazed with my new place. I spent about 6 hours setting my place up the way I wanted it. This place isn’t just for me. It’s for us. Waiting for my new home to be ready to move in definitely tested my patience. It was a three month process from the original application date til the day I got my key. It was most definitely worth the wait.

There was a major paradigm shift in my consciousness beginning 16 days ago. I felt as though a message from the heavens told me a change was coming. I accepted it with open arms. You have to trust at all times. Never cease to mention that the higher power does exist, implicating necessary signs of reevaluation.

As for my relationship, everything was a disaster this morning, but after a great conversation things are back to normal. We need to both stop and think about what’s most important. Doubts are just doubts. Insecurities come and go like the wind. Remember that. There are reasons why we love each other. Think about the benefits and forget the negativity. I understand the distance is very difficult for us both, but soon we will be together. Remember I got us a new home to start a new beginning. 

Sending love to you all,