Well it’s pretty much a wrap of this wonderful weekend. I did some reflecting on things in my life. I guess you can say reevaluation of the people who are in my life. Honestly, it felt good to know who I can trust and who I cannot. I’m in the music business and things aren’t all rosy. It’s a constant reflection of positive and negative people. Not just the music business, in life in general. Evaluate your current position in society and it’s usually a reflection of the people who are in your life. Sometimes life needs an oil change to get the engine running squeaky clean.

The last 12 days have been a rapidly changing 180 of the person who I was. I continue to count my blessings and reach for the light. The light that shines on me continuously. 

I’ve been in the dark far too long and I had to climb out of the pits of hell with all my strength. It showed my perseverance during moments of adversity. Now my moments are full of clarity. I can see crystal clear and nothing can stop me.

I am a lover, but I’m also a fighter. Anything is possible in this lifetime that is very short. I’m preparing myself for eternal life walking with the strength of God. Yes!