I hold you all dearly to my heart. I strive to be the best man I can be at all times. Sometimes I slip because I am not perfect. I’m only human. I do not have super powers. I’m just me. 

The love in my soul is what keeps me afloat. The infatuation of living a positive life is my motivation. Yes, it is an infatuation, needless to say. It can be difficult at times, but my over bearing desire to be a role model pushes me through the dark times. It keeps me alive.

Romanticism is what flows through my veins at all times. It’s all about the love. Yes I am a hopeful romantic, never hopeless. There has been too many instances in my life that I have felt hopeless and I don’t need to feel that way anymore. It’s a new beginning from a tragic ending. Time to make up for lost time and do things right while I still have the chance.