Life can be a whirlwind of choices and emotions in my life. One minute I’m willing to walk away from everything I’ve worked for in my music career to start a new life in Argentina and then I receive a call from my manager that I’ve been invited to attend the BET Awards. Reality hits you like a cannon sometimes. My life has always worked in this manner. Highs and lows, positives and negatives. It’s life right? It’s best to not live with regrets. Do what’s best for yourself. Don’t let anyone hold you back from living the life you’ve always dreamed of. Amen to that! 


We will begin shooting the next music video for my record “Just Another Day” on June 12-13. The record and music video is set to release on June 30th. Saturday, July 1st I will be performing in Ventura at the Hong Kong Inn for the 2nd Annual Summer Kick Off event for Ventura County. 

I have written many records in my life, but none compare to “Just Another Day.” This song is very upbeat and fun. I was blessed that Mila Nieves blessed the record with her amazing vocals and her sister Patricia Yvette Nieves for her writing contribution as well. I hope you all love this record as much as we all do. 

Til next time,