It’s been awhile since I’ve written for you all. My apologies for that. Sometimes I get caught up with many things each day. I actually should make time to write, it’s an outlet for me with all the craziness occurring in my life. I don’t mean craziness in a bad way either. 

I don’t know if you all know that my EP Mini Album “Reflections of my Imperfection” is complete. It has been a very exhilarating process. Everything just flowed. The first single and music video for “Life of an Underdog,” jump started everything. 

I have also signed a management deal with Darnell Hodges, CEO of DLH Media Group. I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to stay an independent Artist. I was also offered a distribution deal with a subsidiary of Sony Music, but I decided not to sign.

June 3rd – June 10th will be dedicated to begin writing my follow up album to my EP. It is best that I keep myself busy and focused on my music. 

The music video to “Life of an Underdog” is accessible through my website. 

Aloha Friday everyone! Sending you all nothing but love to you all.