My trip to Oahu at the end of 2004 was amazing! While on my surfing trip, I decided to move back to Orange County and get back in the mortgage business. So upon my arrival back to California, I packed my things and went for it. It was a great decision. I made great money and was living in the fastlane. I mean you have so much money you can do whatever you want at anytime. 

Eventually, this lifestyle caught up with me and I had some legal problems. I was arrested twice and had undercover narcotics officers tailing my every move. True story! 

I decided to move back to San Diego to get away from these issues in Orange County. My uncle let me move in with him and I scored a Senior Loan Officer position at a bank. But that didn’t last long. The legal problems weren’t going to go away and my attorney cut a plea deal that I was going to have to spend a month in the county jail beginning October 31st. 

I turned myself in and did my time. 

Life of an Underdog,