Hmm. It’s kind of funny the way life works out. I remember performing little shows for my family and neighbors when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I remember I loved singing the song “Whip Appeal” by Baby Face. This romanticism of singing sexy R&B to the ladies was a huge dream for me. As a child, we dream of things because our responsibility level isn’t very high. I always knew that I loved music. Music to me was and still is an escape for me. In junior high school I was in chorus, which was very embarrassing. Why??? My teacher wanted me to sing the lead role and I refused to do it. Not because I couldn’t sing, I was in 7th grade and I was embarrassed to sing in front of the 8th grade bullies in class. It was very frightening to me lol. So I passed on the opportunity. (I was made fun of a lot growing) 

Then high school comes and it was all about sports, swagger and girls. I went to two different high schools that were completely opposite of each other in terms of culture. The first high school was about jocks and cheerleaders. The second high school was about surf and bands. When I transferred it was a complete culture shock. My interest in sports rapidly declined. I started surfing and really getting into music. My friends were in a popular band and I was so jealous that I didn’t know how to play guitar. 

High school came and went by quickly like my father told me it would. I ended up going to a great university and finally bought a guitar. A lot of people have a hard time working with me because my guitar playing is very untraditional. I taught myself how to play, so that answers that. I never got tired of playing my guitar. There was always something new to learn or discover. It was my comfort zone. 

Story continues tomorrow…