I’ll be straight forward…

I hit the reset button on my life beginning February of this year. I confronted my past and decided that a major change was necessary to improve my overall quality of life. I put all the negativity and bullshit behind me. My focus became only relevant to the present moment. Besides the now, nothing else matters to me. I choose to take life one moment at a time. Why put unnecessary pressure on myself when there is only so much I can control.

I think that was my biggest mistake, trying to control everything. I had to learn the hard way by experiencing everything head on and realize I needed a wake up call. I was so blinded by negativity that I couldn’t see the beauty of life anymore. Call it whatever you want, rock bottom, failure, broken soul. I desperately needed a change or I was bound to self destruct.

The people that I needed most were there for me. I no longer needed to feel like I had to handle everything myself. It took courage to take the blindfold off and realize how much love I have from people.

Take off your blinders and embrace life, love and support. Sometimes it takes a fall to pick yourself back up and become the best person you can be.

Til next time,