Well today marks as one of the best feelings in the world. I am so content and feeling amazing. It’s been awhile since I’ve released my music through distribution. I usually would have it on the net for free access. But no more. Keeping everything professional from here on out. I’m debating what I shall release next month. I have an extensive library/catalog of music. 

I’ve been blessed to meet Ronnie King in the beginning of my career…which basically set the standard of music I was creating. It basically put me on the map. There have been some ups and downs due to my illness, but I never stopped. I always bounce back from adversity. 

I’ve been blessed to connect with Latin Heat Media in the second chapter of my career. It reopened doors for me that were closed because of my absence for two years. 

I’ve been blessed to connect with my publicists Elia Esparza and BeLisa Hennington. They have nutured my career as well with Raquela Mejia. 

I’ve been blessed to connect with Kenny O’Brien, 5x Grammy winning record producer.