As far back as I can remember, I noticed that I was different. I excelled in school, sports and the things I was passionate about. Despite the fact that I was bullied throughout elementary school because of my name and the goofy glasses my parent’s bought for me, I was fond of knowledge. I guess you can call me a social outcast or an unfortunate loner.

I remember at such a young age that my mind would play tricks on me. My thoughts consisted of rhyming words. I just assumed everyone’s mind worked the same way. I was definitely major OCD…obsessive, compulsive, disorder. Things had to be a specific way to my liking or my day would be ruined. It got to a point that I wouldn’t even trust my memory. I had these weird rituals to ensure that things were okay. Then again, I thought everyone was the same way. 

When I turned 12, everything changed. My parents got me contact lenses and I worked mowing lawns around my neighborhood. I had money to buy any clothes I wanted. Hint…anchor blue. Lol. Overnight, I went from being bullied to a cool kid on campus. All of a sudden girls came into the picture and the emotions of love. That’s when I began writing and putting the craziness of my mind on paper. To this day I still have every poem I have ever written. 
We’re all weird in our own crazy way. No need to judge or be a bully. It’s called life. It’s not meant to be perfect.