Lets see how I’ll start this one off…

I remember meeting my friend Mary Ann K. back in 2009 at one of my concerts. We had exchanged numbers and we continued our conversation that following week. She gave me the best advice about the music business. You got to have thick skin in this business. Those words have stuck with me ever since. 

It is very hard to trust anyone in this cutthroat world, let alone in the music business. People only see the color green, meaning money. I have come to the conclusion that everyone only gives a shit about themselves. Basically viewing an opportunity to use you in any way possible for personal gain. People don’t care about feelings or setbacks. They only want to see results. 

When I fell ill stricken the only people there for me were my family and my son’s mother. Where was the record label, who promised such a lavish life? Nowhere to be found…I was no longer useful to them. I became irrelevant over night. 

My problem is that I am too trustworthy of people, at least back then I was. Thinking people actually cared for my well being…false! I guess I needed to learn the hard way to understand the reality of it all. Lesson learned! 

Thank you God for making me the way I am. It keeps me grounded. Amen.