We all have a story. Whether good or bad, it is the novel of our lives. We’ve made good decisions and poor choices. We must follow our intuitions and be the best we can be. 

We cannot change our past nor have expectations of the future. We can only focus on the moment that is happening right now. I know it can be difficult sometimes to stay focused. Trust me, we all get side tracked by our thoughts. It helps to remind yourself that everything is okay. The mind is powerful and can be difficult to control, but we must learn to slow it down with deep breathing, meditation or exercise. 

I believe I’ve been able to tame the symptoms of my mental illness to a minimum. Regardless, they are still there, but I don’t allow it to control my life. Its been trial and error to find the correct medications and dosage. I am brutally honest with my Dr about how I am feeling. I’ve gone to great lengths to reassure myself that my symptoms are just in my mind and not reality. I am not afraid or embarrassed to confront someone when necessary to prove to myself that certain thoughts are delusions. 

I’ll admit that when the Latin Heat article came out December 2014 about my life story, I lost some friends. I knew that exposing myself to the world would have some backlash. It didn’t matter to me because I knew that article provided hope on a subject that many people are afraid to talk about.

I’m in the entertainment business where judgement is cast upon you like you’re under a microscope. I am okay with that because it’s a love, hate relationship. As long as you keep your plate clean, you have nothing to worry about. Besides, my main goal is to inspire people to push themselves to be whoever or whatever they want to be. As long as I do that, then it’s a job well done.

Overcome your fears!