There are things from our past we may regret. We cannot go back in time and fix them. It is what it is. There is no need to dwell on things we cannot change. It’s just life. We must follow the way to salvation and free our souls. 

Back to the story…

That session in the studio was a scary experience. An MTV journalist was at the studio session as well as members of Los Fabuloso Cadillacs. The studio always invited people to watch me work because I was their hot commodity. Any other sane day would’ve been fine, but this day was not the day. The devil was in control of my soul and everything was frightening. I couldn’t shake these paranoid feelings off. Funny thing is that no one knew what was going on with me. I was just quiet. 

During a schizophrenic episode, I go silent. My mind is racing a million miles per hour. It’s complete insanity that I cannot speak of. Because the madness is my reality.