It’s just a fact that we’re great at certain things and others were not. But to go even deeper, consider your flaws. Think of the characteristics that you feel hold you back. Those are the weaknesses I’m talking about. For example, maybe you lack the desire to motivate yourself and your work ethic is not quite where it should be. It’s okay to be honest with yourself, no one is perfect. Another example, maybe your social skills need improvement. 

Take into consideration that we are all a work in progress. Our greatest accomplishments can be achieved by our greatest weaknesses. Focus on self improvement and the areas you need to work on. Trust me, it only gets better from here on out. We must overcome our fears of rejection and pursue things were most afraid of. Anything you put your mind to and dedicate yourself is possible. Don’t ever give up because you will regret not pursuing the life you dream about. Take it one day at a time, each moment at a time. I believe in you, but you must believe in yourself.