I’ve been on a mission since Monday achieving personal goals to enhance my well being. When I set my mind on something realistic, I usually achieve it. I have a die hard attitude never willing to give up. My desire to succeed is at an all time high. I have wasted too much time being comfortable. It’s time I get out of my comfort zone and push myself to the limit increasing my endurance. 

While living in Ojai, I was running pretty much everyday until I went through a tough break up. I’m not ashamed to admit I was struggling emotionally. I’m human with strong passion and feelings. Exercise pretty much went out the window and life became a downward spiral routine. Eventually, I lost my job, my home and my mind. With the little money I had left I bought a one way ticket to Oahu to replenish my soul. I stayed roughly 3 weeks and came back home to Oxnard. 

I was so caught up emotionally, I forgot that I had worked on the Mantra for Good People project. I did not conceive the scope of how this song would change my life. Reality hit me head on and I realized that I am a great human being. We all go through a funk and we need to acknowledge that adversity shapes us to be stronger and wiser. I had to deal with my demons head on in order to be here today. 

Now I’m in a better place emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. I do not regret the choices I made nor do I resent everything that happened. It’s life, shit happens. I’ve learned forgiveness is key to moving forward in a positive direction. I guess it was a wake up call…