I look back and think about all the adversity I’d been dealt in my life. I didn’t ask for it to happen, it just did. There are many things that are not in our control and we must learn to navigate through life despite hardship. Most importantly we must learn that usually it’s temporary. 

I’ll never forget when I was at the depths of hell with my mental illness. My paranoia was piercing my mentality every moment. I didn’t want to see people. I was afraid to go out in public. I felt like there was a stamp on my forehead that said loser. I felt as though everything I had worked so hard for collapsed and I was being punished for my sins. Nothing could absolve the absolute fear of failure. 

I don’t know how much you can relate to what I went through, but I do not wish this upon anybody. I question why it had to be me. I guess God has certain plans for us all. 

My solution was to fight back. Prove to myself that I am worthy of a peaceful life. I never gave up, and I’m still fighting everyday. My hope is to instill in you that regardless of whatever happens, it is not permanent. You can strive from disappointment to greatness. 

Never give up!