So I’ve arrived to Plantation Village. Now I know why the girls were chuckling. We said our goodbyes and exchanged numbers. I was in cabin 1. Everyone was out and about so I walked to Foodland, the only grocery store on the N. Shore to grab a beer. I was hanging out in the parking lot taking it all in. 

Foodland is such a scene in general. You can bump into any of your surfing idols at any moment. And guess who comes walking out…none other than Andre Botha, Michael Crawley and Ralph Sanchez. I had only seen them in magazines and I was a brief acquaintance of Ralph Sanchez from my times surfing La Jolla. I was star struck. Lol. I was super amped and introduced myself. 

I got back to Plantation Village and the California body boarders I barely knew were coming back from their surf session. 

I was kind of a social butterfly so I was connecting with everyone there. I met this body boarder from Florida and we totally hit it off. We decided to surf Pipe Line that afternoon. 

While getting ready, I realized I forgot my charger for my phone. Oh no epic fail. I used the payphone to call my girlfriend to mail it to me. My phone was dead and I was okay with it. The only downside was that Tiffany and her sister couldn’t reach me.

We hitch hiked to Pipe Line, which was totally awesome. It’s pretty easy and I was just going with the flow. It was like 4-5ft perfect waves. The crowd was heavy with about 50 people in the water. It was my first day so I didn’t want to drop in on anyone and start a beef. I was patient. I caught one perfect wave that afternoon while admiring the sunset.

I got back to Plantation Village so happy and peaceful. All the boys were drinking and I was getting to know them. I was telling stories…and for those of you who know me well, know my stories are very entertaining. Lol…

We received a knock at the door and it’s two amazingly beautiful women asking for me. I looked over and it was Tiffany and her sister all dressed up. They said we tried calling and I explained my phone situation. They said get dressed we’re going to Waikiki to party. Like I said I was going with the flow, so I was definitely in. I hopped in the shower. Threw on my best outfit. The boys were stunned…who is this guy Abel…lol

Story continues…