I honestly don’t know where to start. I feel so blessed. I definitely have incredible people in my life. Genuine and honest loving people who care about my well being. I guess maturity knocks some sense in to you. I am nowhere near perfect and I definitely have made some mistakes in my life. Everyone has, not just me. No one is perfect. I’ve learned it’s not cool to judge anyone. Our differences have made us unique in our own special way. 

I have known love and heartbreak. I’ve experienced the depths of hell and the joy of heaven. I’ve witnessed miracles and I know what it feels like to lose friends. 

What I can say is I accept life for what it is. My life was planned out before I was even a thought. I will do my best to show love and kindness throughout my existence to everyone I encounter. I’m very fortunate that God gave me a 2nd chance to do it right this time. I love you all.