What an incredible evening. Good people. Positive vibes. Peaceful atmosphere. Historical. I guess you never plan for these moments, you just go with the flow. I was super happy that I had my publicist and manager there to keep my nerves from rattling. Like I always say, I’m just a kid from Oxnard. I try and keep my expectations low and look forward to the unexpected. It’s a good way to not get let down. I always hope for the best, but reality is that this is a tough business. Reality check…

I’m not the best singer or guitar player. I’m not afraid to admit that about myself. I’m quite humble. I’m just an average human being like everyone else, just utilizing my talents that God has blessed me with. No need to let them go to waste. That’s the saddest thing in the world is wasted talent. 

Follow your dreams and they shall come true.