As we move through our lives, the globe keeps on spinning. Time doesn’t stop for us, that’s why we have to keep on moving. What happened yesterday is a thing of the past. We get a second chance to do it better. Consistently learn and make the necessary adjustments to not make the same mistakes twice. 

I’ve been busy writing new material. Eventually all this music will come to fruition. I know it will. I have enough music for about 2 albums. I continue to add songs to my catalog. In the near future, I will be sharing my catalog to publish my music. Reality is that I can get my foot in the door in the music business this way. A majority of successful people in the business began their careers as writers. I am very excited for this adventure. I’ve been blessed to have the right people support me and nothing will stop my pursuit. I’ve learned that patience is the greatest quality you can have. If it was about fame and fortune, I would’ve given up long ago. It’s all about spreading love through music.