Everyone loves the story of an underdog. It’s just natural. Sort of like Rocky. Nothing comes easy, we must work for it. We put in the extra hours of practice and dedication to achieve what nearly seems impossible. We sacrifice anything by all means to succeed. 2nd place is not an option or a back up plan. Life doesn’t work that way for us. We’re zeroed into being the best. We trust our instinct without any hesitation. We believe in ourselves.

My life has meaning and a great story to it. People counted me out and said I would never be successful, but that never stopped me. I am pursuing my dreams regardless of what anyone says. 

Life has never been perfect for me either. I wish the pain wasn’t there, but it is. There are certain experiences that keep me motivated. I’ll admit, I have given up in the past because I was discouraged and disappointed in myself. Now I can turn these insecure moments into motivation. I’m confident in myself, but only to a certain point. I’m in no way cocky or conceded, I just believe I can achieve the impossible. I’ve come a long way regardless of the setbacks. I’m still alive, my drive is fearless and no one can get in my way. I remain determined and humble…