Definitely, hands down, the best 4th of July in a long time. The energy was perfect. People were having a great time. Seeing joy fills me with joy. It’s a natural feeling of endorphins that flow through the brain.

Sometimes you gotta go searching for light in the darkness. Just gotta ride things out smoothly. Take it one day a time. We just gotta live life to the fullest. Realization is that life can pass you by if you’re not paying attention to it. Enjoy it. The good, the bad. Whatever happens, happens. Don’t dwell on it, just move forward. There’s beauty out there for us to enjoy. Stop and smell the roses.

Lately life is always changing. I really have no set schedule or routine, I just go with the flow. It’s a gift and a curse. Sometimes I wish I had a set schedule, but hey I can’t complain. Things are definitely changing and it puts a smile on my face. Dreams do come true, don’t ever forget that. Mistakes happen, that’s just normal, but pick yourself back up. Don’t dwell on things, it’s the worst thing you can do. Shit happens…just move on. We are powerful human beings and it shows through our resilience. We all have the capability to succeed. Whatever success means to you. I’m good with a lil change in my pocket to take care of my son and love my family. The honest to God truth. Simple life…