With recent events in my hometown of Oxnard, I am saddened. Violence is not the way to resolve conflict. It begets more violence. And sooner or later it just keeps happening daily. There is enough problems in the world already, why continue it here or anywhere. Somewhere along the line it needs to come to an end. Bottom line, please stop. There are other ways to solve differences. When you take a life, there’s no coming back. Over what anyways??? There are more important things happening in the world that really need our attention. The future of humanity is at risk and we need to do something about it. Not turn against one another. We’re human beings and it’s one love universally. The world is going through massive catastrophe and people are more worried about petty bullshit. Life’s too short as it is, why make it any shorter???

We must unite and cherish life as a gift. Sometimes you just don’t get a second chance. I shake my head because it’s just wrong. Please take a stand and put an effort to rally against violence. It’s not worth it. There’s bigger problems in the world that demand our attention.