I’ve been a poet for 22 years and have been writing music for 15 years. I write because I can express my emotions and it’s therapeutic. My expectations were to write songs when I was heartbroken at age 19. That’s all. Regardless of what anyone thought, I just loved to write. I remember people mocked me and close, well I thought they were friends who were also musicians made me feel like it was something I couldn’t do. I get it, I was an athlete in high school and in  college, so maybe I didn’t fit the stereotypical mold. But that’s all it is is a stereotype. Nobody even wanted to teach me guitar. So I decided that if I was going to write music I was on my own. Probably the best thing that could have happened to me. I wrote all types of music because I love it all. That’s why I have no specific genre. Music has no limits or boundaries.

While at UC Irvine I would play pop up shows throughout campus. After college I moved to San Diego State because I really didn’t want the experience to be over. And of all places a major party school. I was blessed to meet Bernard Rackley aka Granzlam. He was doing some big things in rap music and reality hit me and said you could do this too. So I still played guitar, but had a knack for rapping as well.

After the partying got to be too much, I took a flight to Oahu that December. I linked up with The Boyz as we called ourselves bodyboarding throughout the Island. We had a penthouse apartment in downtown Waikiki and the party went on for another 3 months. While there I was honing my lyrical skills daily. It was my most memorable trip to the Islands.

I came back to California and bounced around between Orange County, San Diego and Oxnard the next couple of years. I finally settled in Oxnard and decided music was my career path. I began recording music on my home studio almost daily and began putting on hip hop shows. In all honesty I just wanted to give people a chance to perform and be heard. It got super competitive and vibes turned bad so I said screw it, I’m going back to my roots and playing guitar. With the help of my cousin Andre Renteria, he was my manager at the time, I worked on a full length acoustic album Addicted Melodies. Around the time of the release I was offered a great job back in Orange County. I was literally couch surfing for five months and my boss paid to relocate me to Newport Beach. Before I left I told Andre I was going out there on a mission to start a band and get a record deal. And it all happened. Despite my struggle with schizophrenia I didn’t give up.

The purpose of this message is to inspire hope. You never know who is struggling and if I can help or save one life, then mission accomplished. It was never about money, fame or materialism. I just enjoy writing.