Today I get the master of my song Todo Sobre Ti. It’s been a long road to make this record possible. Everything in my life had to happen the way it did for this record to come about. Most importantly I would like to thank Claudia Arceo for becoming my Latin songwriting partner. Without her this would not be possible. I am able to turn her beautiful poetry into beautiful music. This was pretty much the first time I was solely responsible for the music aspect of song. I had the opportunity to give life and perspective on someone else’s story. This definitely ranks among my favorite songs I ever worked on.

I remember being back from Oahu and reconnecting with certain people in my life. Claudia was one of them. I assume the universe was calling and it guided me in her direction. I’ve known her since I was in elementary school. We were acquaintances throughout growing up. I reconnected through Facebook and I would keep up with her travels throughout the world. Claudia joined the Army after high school, an acomplishment I highly respect being that I was accepted in West Point and the Air Force Academy myself. I could communicate through Facebook while she was in Kuwait. I believe she served 12 years in the military and was now working as a military contractor. With her being on opposite sides of the world I could reach out to her at any time of night and it would be daytime for her. She began telling me about her poetry and asked if I would read it. She emailed me a very great poem written in English and said she felt more comfortable writing in Spanish. Immediately my attention was focused because I knew I wanted to make Latin music as well. Before I heard anymore, I offered her a job as writer. I knew I was taking on a different scope of writing music. This would now have me arranging lyrics that I didn’t write and composing music to someone else’s vision.

I’ve realized that by working with highly talented people pushes you to be better. This is unknown territory, but I am always up for a challenge. The overall benefit was venturing into the Latin music world. I’ve never been able to give a definitive answer when asked what type of music I write, I usually just say everything. This includes, Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae, Rock, Folk, R&B, Soul and House. Now I am going to do it in a different language, what a giant leap of faith. I am influenced by so many different types of music that I just can’t devote myself to one genre. It keeps me on my toes and definitely keeps me evolving as a person and writer. Now I get to my express myself to a larger audience. That’s what it’s all about, spreading the music across the world. Now language is not a barrier.

Thank you Claudia,