I sit here writing with a great big smile across my face. Visions of memories flash through my mind. I think of the first guitar I purchased when I was 19 on New Years Eve. I was heart broken by this beautiful young woman while at UC Irvine that I fell in love with. All I wanted to do was write about it. I turned to music as we all do. Music soothes the soul through all moments in life. I never thought my life would turn out this way. I’m giggling because it makes me giddy, I just love making music. Life unfolds differently for everyone.

Music was always a hobby I could turn to to express myself. It all seemed reality when I met Ronnie King. This gentleman developed me as an artist. His genuine character always inspired me to never give up. He stuck with me through whatever I was going through in life because he understood what most people didn’t. He always told me…we’re artists bro, I get it. That always comforted me. At least one person in this giant world understood my craziness. Lol.

Enters my life Elia Esparza in 2013. I had been living in Ojai for a few months and I had the opportunity to connect with Bel Hernandez from HOLA LA and Latin Heat. She introduced me to Elia. They were intrigued about my story and wanted to do an article. At this time I was finishing a Hip Hop album and transitioning back to writing on my guitar. Elia put me on the map in the entertainment world. I realized, wow there is so much to learn and contribute. I’m a baby in terms of my contribution to this world. She gave me a sense of belonging and that this is reality. She believes in me more than the ordinary. Along came red carpet parties, celebrity encounters and introductions to powerful people in the entertainment business.

Raquela Mejia is a very successful manager in the music business. I was happy that she even knew my name. At this point I was kind of shy by the attention, but she is a very loving and caring person. Despite not being my manager, she still takes time out of her busy schedule to help me whenever I need it. That is just the type of person she is. Thank you Raquela!

Now there’s Kenny O’Brien. 5x Grammy winning producer, who has worked with well pretty much some of the biggest names in music. Elia made this connection happen in spring of 2015. It’s a humbling experience to be auditioning for someone of that caliber with Grammys right in your face. I was in awe. His words to me about my songwriting completely caught me by surprise. His compliment still sticks in my head daily. Plus his wife loved me. Elia said I held the golden ticket now, I just didn’t know how I was going to afford it.

Early December I received an email from Elia that I thought was a PR blast. I didn’t even pay any attention to it. Lol, sorry Elia it’s the truth. I was going through hell trying to keep my house. I was in no mood to read it. Little did I know it was the opportunity that will change my life. Two weeks later, I get another email from her. Little did I know that I was going to get the opportunity to work with none other than Kenny O’Brien. So I read the original email and called myself an idiot. I’m laughing about this now. I’ve been invited to sing on a collaboration project put on by Raquela Mejia. I still can’t give out any details, but this was real.

My lips are sealed about this project. All I can say is that it will be released soon. Everything happens for a reason. When I thought I would never work with Kenny O’Brien because of money the year prior, my dream comes true. A huge thank you to Elia and Raquela for giving me this opportunity.

Out of nowhere enters BeLisa. She is Elia’s business partner and Vice President of Always Evolving PR. Elia had been representing me basically for free since 2014. Now it was time to make it official. She emailed me a proposal that I could not refuse. I jumped at the opportunity with no hesitation. I remember my first conversation with BeLisa clearly and she listened unbiased. You gotta remember, I’m kind of crazy lol. BeLisa is like my best friend who checks in on me when I need it. It’s a blessing, because everyone needs this especially when you’re trying to accomplish something the average person doesn’t quite understand. As she would say…Ha!

Finally enters Edmund Sanchez. I’ve known him since high school. He is a few years older than me and was pretty intimidating back then playing football. We reconnected through Facebook as we all do with those from our past. He now manages Herbal Rootz, The Question and now myself. I reached out to him to help me, as in my own words, quarterback everything. I said I just want to focus on music and not all the details. We had a meeting and without hesitation he said yes. He was the final person to solidify what Ronnie, Elia and BeLisa had been encouraging, to make Latin music. I’m 34 years old, I guess it’s time to start listening lol.

A big thank you to all of you. I hold you all in my heart deeply. You all put a smile on my face and make me realize it’s all worth it. Good people…