When you are struggling, please reach deep within and pick yourself up. Sometimes the cards are stacked against you, I get it. I’ve been there several times throughout my life. Tough times like these, shape who we are. There’s no looking back. Focus on the present moment and do what is necessary to overcome the bullshit. There are times when we can lift our spirits immediately and there are times when it takes longer. Just ride it out. Things get worse before they get better.  What are you going to do?

It’s great when we can depend on our family and friends, but some of you may have no one. I’ve been there too, not a soul in the world to turn to. These can be the most difficult time in our lives. Just breathe and don’t make things worse. This is an opportunity to do things right. Take advantage of a second chance. Some people aren’t lucky to get one.

Don’t waste time. The time to improve is now. Don’t hesitate or the opportunity to get back on your feet will pass you by. Without struggle there is no progress. Pray for strength and you shall be given clues on a way out.

Hang in there…