I left the studio that day with mixed emotions. I was excited about my encounter with Ronnie King. What are the odds of something like that happening? At the same time, I saw the opportunity as something that would probably not happen because of money. I’ve had many great things happen in my life, but for some reason everything would come crashing down at the peak moment. Call it whatever you want, but my life has had many setbacks. It’s like some kind of bad luck that prevents me from achieving my dreams. So here I am driving home with Tahoe, contemplating everything. What do I do now?

At the time I was working in the construction business as a project manager. My boss was a very great person. He helped me so much with my life at the time. He knew how important music was to me and was completely supportive.

I was running a project in Burbank. Everyday I was driving from Newport Beach to Burbank. I really didn’t mind it, I enjoyed my job. My boss had contacted me and said he needed me to draw blueprints for a proposal on a potential project. When I had to do draw blueprints, I would work from home. By that time, I was quite well at drafting and I finished up early that day. I was communicating throughout the day with a friend of mine who owned a surf clothing company. He had offered me a clothing endorsement. Despite the setback with music, things were still rolling in the right direction.

I decided to celebrate. That meant a 5 mile run around Back Bay. Back Bay is a beautiful estuary nestled behind Newport Harbor with a very cool trail. As I stepped out of my apartment, I walked toward the open area so I could stretch. I looked up and saw a woman I had met roughly 3 weeks earlier in the laundry room because of my dog Tahoe.  Tahoe was known around the complex for making me new friends. I said hello to the woman and we were both kind of in shock to see each other again. You know that feeling you get when attraction hits you. I hadn’t felt that way in a long time. I had my heart broken from the previous relationship and was just playing the field. No one had given me butterflies since then. It was perfect timing. I was on a natural high.

She was carrying groceries and a six pack of Corona. I remember from our previous conversation that she was the general manager of a restaurant in Corona del Mar. It was awesome to see her. Something about her smile. We talked about work and life. I was telling her about music and said we should continue the conversation that evening. She was stoked because she had the next 3 days off from work. So it was set, I had a date for the evening. I took off for my run to get my adrenaline rush.

I got home, showered and started cooking dinner. I was really excited about my plans. I was jamming guitar and my buddy had stopped by. I told him all about the encounter. He was happy for me. Before I knew it, it was time to meet up with her. My friend left and I headed for her apartment. I knocked and there was no answer. I knocked again and nothing. Wow, here we go again, first the studio and now this. What luck. I went back to my apartment and wrote a post it note with my number and left it on her door. I wasn’t going to give up that easily.

I did what I always do and played my guitar. An hour had already passed and I was about to call it a night. I had to go to Burbank the next morning. Then there was a knock on my door. I knew it was good vibes because Tahoe was excited. I opened the door and it was her. She immediately apologized and said she didn’t hear me at the door, but she had gotten my note. Thank God I decided to do that.